Posted by: Toni Sprandel | March 6, 2015

Upholding a Sister

Hello!  It has been a long time.  I miss you all so much!  Your encouragement and support has always meant the world to me.  My husband has had a rough couple of years.  He will be having surgery on April 7 to hopefully remedy some of the issues.  We continue to cling to Jesus.  Without Jesus, I have no idea where we would be now!

But this post is not about Larry or I.  This post is in support of our fellow blogger, WORDSCROLL.  Lori contacted me about 6 months ago and we have kept up via Facebook.  About 1 month ago she posted that her husband had diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Today, they found out the facts of the matter.  They were told that Rick (her husband) had a Grade IV Glioblastoma.  They went on to explain that this is the most aggressive and incurable cancer.  Lori is devastated.

Lori posted this morning on CaringBridge that she needed us to be brave for her because all she could do was cry.  We can do more, we can call on all our prayer warriors to stand in support of her and Rick.  This journey could be long or short and the healing could be physical or spiritual.  But we can all support her with our prayers and that God’s will be done in their life and they would have His perfect peace.

If you would like to support her via her posts, you can find them on, Rick O’Neil.

Thank you for always being there for me, I hope that we can now be there for her.

Love you all and miss you terribly!


  1. Thank you Toni, I am honored and so blessed that you have come out to write for us. Thank you all for your prayers. I am strengthened when I am surrounded with my family in Christ.

  2. Oh no 😢I’m going to keep her in my prayer time

  3. My heart is heavy, especially when I hear of couples, who have so much love for each other, going through something like this. Praying…

  4. With all the challenges you and Larry face, your concern for this couple speaks to me. Please know I will add them to my prayers as I continue to pray for you, dear friend. May God bless you and continue to make you a blessing to so many.

    • Thank you Connie. It seems to me that my gift of encouragement is brought out when I see others go through a very tough time. I can relate so well to Lori’s reaction. Everything is fine and then all of a sudden, your life is changed in an instant. It speaks directly to my heart. And I believe the LORD has allowed me to use my circumstances to minister to others who have a life changing experience as did. I am grateful the LORD has chosen me to be a source of encouragement to others. Miss you!

  5. Dear grandma, Tony.
    It has been long time not see you in the blog. I really miss you so much. We will always pray and support Lori and Rick , also we will pray for you. Many love and blessings to you, grandma.

    • Oh Karina, I miss you so much too! Someday, whether here on earth or when we meet in heaven, we will be able to talk and hug, and laugh and sing! Much love and blessings to you also dear one!

  6. Hi Toni. Have missed you, too. Will be praying for Lori’s husband and yours, too. Thx for updatin us

  7. Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. My husband is improving. He is now walking (with a walker) 40ft or more and has been able to transfer to bed and out. He can feed himself and is talking a little bit. These are big feats for him and something he couldn’t do two weeks ago. What the doctors claim is incurable, I say Jesus can cure and I believe He is! Thank you all very much for standing with us. Thank you Toni, for your vigilance and prayers. Your love gives me great strength!
    Lori & Rick O’Neil

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