Posted by: Toni Sprandel | September 20, 2013

TGIF – and it’s not what you think!

Today my mind is not thinking normally.  So when I thought about TGIF, the usual words, “thank goodness it’s Friday” did not come to mind.

It’s weird, my brain and how it works, because sometimes the normal usual things, are usually all turned around.  So when I thought about TGIF this morning, my thought was “Thank God I’m Free”.

Catching up on a lot of your posts and reading the Word, it just kept coming back to me.  I thank you LORD God, I am free from the bonds of sin and slavery to sin.   Thank you Jesus you paid the price for me.  That I stand before the Holy throne of God, clothed in Your Righteousness.  Your Spirit enables me to live free from all those things that used to tie me down and weigh down my spirit.

Yes, I am truly glad it is Friday, but I am extremely grateful that I am free!

Dear LORD Jesus, I can never thank you enough for the price that you paid for a miserable wretch as I, but I am eternally grateful that You did!  Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!  Thank God I’m Free!


  1. Ahhh, this is lovely, Toni. I get the same feeling when I read all these posts and the Word of God. I couldn’t agree more with your last sentence before the prayer… so glad it is Friday, but extremely grateful that we are free!

  2. Good morning, Grandma.
    Amen! What such a great and lovely thought. TGIF stands for Thanks God I’m Free. I really love it, grandma. My friday evening more blessed:) Thank you, grandma. ♥ you.

  3. Love it! And love the truth behind it. Thankful for Jesus. Thankful for the freedom he gave me. And when you’re retired, every day is Friday. 🙂

  4. Thanks, Toni. I will never view TGIF the same!

  5. Love!
    I wrote a song more than 10 years ago with a chorus of the word “I’m free” permeating it. Made me hum it just now… 😉

    And we are free, gloriously free!

  6. AMEN! Our freedom from sin in Christ is a matchless blessing given to us by our gracious loving Lord. May we all appreciate this blessing, today and throughout our week as we live our lives for Him.

  7. Love that! I’ll remember it from now on whenever I see TGIF! Thanks for the redirect! 🙂


  8. LOVE it!! \(^_^)/

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