Posted by: Toni Sprandel | September 17, 2013

Welcome back my dear blog friends!

Praise the LORD, Glory Halleluia!

Your blogs have started coming in to my email!  I have a huge bunch of them so give me a few days to get caught up and I will be back to responding.

Everyone have a great night (or morning, depending on what part of the world you are in) and I look forward to catching up with all of you!!

God is sooooooo good!


  1. I apologize for the inundation into your email that I partly contributed to. Welcome back. =)

    • No problem, I am not sure exactly what happened but I am eternally grateful that I have all of my dear blog friends back! 🙂

  2. Welcome back! 🙂

  3. so goooood to have you back! 🙂 I know about catching up I am always about two days behind! God bless!

    • Thank you and I truly look forward to reading the ones I have missed! 🙂

  4. They had some bug issues. My formatting was all messed up and they launched a fix that set it all straight.

  5. Welcome Back!

    • I am so glad to be receiving your wonderful blogs again, Oh how I have missed you all! 🙂

  6. I’m getting through my posts – down to 203 from 638! Phew! Does anyone even care that I’m taking time to read them? I sure hope so! <;-0

    • It means the world to me! 🙂

      • That’s because you’re sweet! 🙂


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