Posted by: Toni Sprandel | September 17, 2013

Football and Victory in Jesus

I can hear you all now shaking your heads and wondering how in the world do football and faith have anything in common.  Well, probably in a literal sense, not much.  But when you think about faith and how it grows in our life, it is in stages.  Because I love football, I jotted down some thoughts and put them into “quarters”, just like a football game.

I will call this my 4 quarters of faithful following for a spiritual victory.  Just like any football team, the whole object is to go out there on the field and get a victory!  As one former coach said in a commercial: “You play to win the game!”  Oh how true!  And the really neat thing is, those words are true of our spiritual lives.  In our spiritual lives, we are playing the game of life and sharing our testimony of how the LORD has given us the victory over sin and death.  We who know the LORD Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, we have won!!  Praise be to Him!!

But there are many out there, still waiting to hear about the victory we have in Jesus.  As in the game of football, there are things that have to happen, before the game can be won.

1st quarter: In football, meeting in the locker room is not enough to win the game, you have to go out on the field and begin the game.  In a Christian’s life, it is not enough to just go to church on Sunday, hear the message, sing the songs and then just go home, putting behind, everything that was just heard.  We too must engage the enemy and begin the battle to bring the lost to Christ.

2nd quarter:  The game is now underway in football, and mistakes will be made if the players don’t know the rules.  The consequence for not knowing the rules is a penalty.  Thus, it is very important to know the rules.  Spiritually speaking, we too have a rule book, and it’s called the Bible.  If we ever have a question, look in the book, the rule book of life, The Holy Bible.  The penalty for sin is death.  It is very important to know the One who can save us from death and His Name is Jesus, and He’s in the Bible.

Halftime: The teams return to the locker room for a breather.  The coach goes over the first half and details what needs to be done to complete the game for the victory.  For the believer, this relates to a midweek service or small group ministry that meets during the week.  It is a great time to unwind, share issues, have a refresher of the game plan and prepare for the rest of the week.  We can call it the “Coaches Halftime Pep Talk”.  It is our midweek spiritual encouragement.

3rd quarter: When the teams head out after halftime, they have to have all their equipment on to keep them safe during their onfield battle.  We too need all our equipment on to go out and win the war for souls.  Ephesians 6:11 tells us to put on the “full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm”.  Verses 14-19 explain the equipment we need to put on to be able to stand firm and resist the devil and his schemes.

4th quarter: The players on the field are growing weary in their battle.  But one thing that can help is the exhortation of the fans.  The loud cheering of the fans helps to encourage the players.  But the fans can’t go in the game to help, they can only exhort, cheer and encourage the players.  The fans can’t win the game for the team.  The team must do the hard part and play the game.  With the Christian, we can’t afford to be a fan.  We have to be a player and get in the game.  Yes, we can cheer, exhort and encourage other believers in their journey’s, but ultimately, the LORD desires for each of us to be in game.  Each and every believer is necessary to be engaged and competing to bring the lost to Jesus.  The day of His coming is drawing nearer and the end is coming soon, we all need to give our all.

End of game celebration: Celebrating the victory is so sweet.  The football players are jumping up and down and shouting, they are overjoyed, happy and their elation can’t be missed.  To me, this equates to our Sunday morning worship gatherings.  We gather together in celebration at what Jesus has done for us and through us to obtain the victory over sin and death in our lives.  Our worship gatherings should look just like the player’s celebrations; we should be cheering for Jesus, praising and singing joyous songs to LORD.  And for the fully devoted follower of Christ, the final end of the game celebration will be when we are united with Christ in Heaven.  Oh what rejoicing there will be then!

Dear LORD God, we have victory in Jesus, and that is something we should all be cheering about.  But the game is not over just yet, it will only be over when Jesus returns.  Until that moment, we are to stay in the game, impact other lives for Christ,  and do what the LORD has given us to do; bringing the lost, hurt and the broken to Him. Our work is not done and the game is not won, until He comes back.  Come soon LORD Jesus.


  1. Ok, Toni. I must confess that I do not share your love of football, even though my husband has tried to get me interested for years. Just doesn’t hold my attention. However, this was very cute and true!

    • Thank you! My father was a 3 sport athlete in high school. He and mom had 5 daughters in 7 years and not a son, until 7 years after the last girl. So he turned every single one of his daughters into a sports fanatic! We all love sports more than anything else! I guess you just have to grow up with it. I am so glad you liked the post!

      • I have tried to no avail but do not mind those who enjoy sports. Plus, when my husband is watching his games, I write or work on photos! 🙂

      • That works out perfect! 🙂

  2. Hi grandma,Good morning.
    What a beautiful and stunning thought. Same like sis Sue. I really don’t interested with Football. But this morning I got something valuable behind the football match. Thank you much, grandma. I have learned something valuable this morning. Many love and blessing to you. ♥ you.

    • Oh Karina, I am so glad! I was raised as a “tomboy” and so I love all sports. I miss talking with you! I do pray that things at your work are going well for you. How are your wedding plans going? I know it will be a ceremony that God will truly be glorified through you and Kim. Have a wonderful day dear one! I love you so much! 🙂

      • Grandma, I miss talking with you too:) thank you for your praying. I good here. Oh about my wedding, everything was settled just waiting that precious tine on December later. Thank you for asking and caring, grandma. Have a great bed time, nice and tight sleep. ♥ you too, grandma.

      • 🙂

  3. Wonderful analogy! 🙂

  4. Very well said. Especially your comments about the first quarter. For many of us, we may think that going to church is our service to Christ. But really, until we live our lives to share Him with others in our words and actions we really haven’t begun to serve Him. Lord bless.

    • Amen! Thank you for your kind comments. I am always trying to relate to people in their comfort zones. Me, mine is sports. Have a great day in the LORD! 🙂

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