Posted by: Toni Sprandel | September 8, 2013

There is always something to be thankful for…

Yesterday afternoon, we returned home from doing some errands and I was really warm.  Temperatures here have been running between mid to high 80’s.  Walking into our cool home felt soooo good.  After getting things all put away and Larry settled into His lazyboy, I sat down at the table to check my emails.

I had been at the table about an hour and I realized I was getting warm.  I hadn’t felt the cold air of the A/C  hitting my bare feet, so I walked over to the thermostat and it was about 81.  We normally keep the house around 78-80 for Larry.  When a person gets a spinal cord injury, their body loses the ability to regulate their body temperature.  Thus, Larry is always cold.  We have found that between 78-80 is good for both of us. Warm, but not too hot.

So I wasn’t alarmed when the house showed 81.  But my concern began when I noticed I had set the A/C to 77.  I hadn’t heard the blower kick on for a while.  So, I walked outside to our A/C unit and observed it functioning properly with no weird noises.  I then took the trip down the steps to our basement and looked at our furnace.  Hmmmmm….. the A/C unit is running, but the furnace is not blowing it up into the house., the furnace was silent.

Houston, I think we have a problem.  So, we turned off the a/c and turned on the 2 fans we had bought when the basement flooded during our kitchen floor installation.

I texted a friend who said his dad could come and check it out for us today.  Don arrived and checked out the furnace.  After a few efforts at resetting it, it was determined that the blower on furnace is probably dead.  So we called the furnace repairman and he will hopefully be able to fit us in and get it fixed on Monday.

Even though I don’t have any A/C on an 87 degree day, I do have: 2 fans to move the air, 4 ceiling fans to help, a brick home to help keep us cool, and FOOTBALL!  Football all day long!

I am thankful for all the small and large blessings that I have.  I choose to not fix my mind on what I don’t have, but I choose to fix my mind on what I do!  Praise the LORD!



  1. Hi grandma, good morning.
    How are you grandma? I just read a great testimony of yours this morning
    🙂 alwaye Praise The Lord in all circumstance. Amen. Many love and blessings to you and Larry

    • We are warm but it is dark out now and it is getting a little cooler so we opened up the windows and doors. We will be ok. The LORD always provides for us. Have a wonderful day today my sweetheart! Love you! 🙂

      • ♥ both you too.

  2. Ahhh…focusing on what we DO have! Such an important life lesson/habit! Hope everything is right quick.

  3. Toni, what a great example you are! We always have a choice in how we view our circumstances and how we respond to them. Focusing on what you do have versus what you don’t have is a wonderful reminder for us all. Stay cool and be blessed!

    • Thank you! Now that it is dark, it is cooler and we opened the windows. LORD willing, it will be repaired tomorrow! 🙂

  4. How true it is… no matter what we may be facing in life, if we know we have the Lord as our Savior we have so much to be thankful for. My problem is when trials come I have a tendency to think about myself and “Woe is me” instead of thinking about the Lord and “How good He is to me!”.

    Lord bless you Toni.

  5. Amen Toni! So proud of you and your decision to stay thankful/grateful in spite of all that’s happening. Didn’t know that when a person gets a spinal cord injury their body loses the ability to regulate their body temperature. wow. good learning + takeaway! praying for God’s grace & provision for you!

    • Yes, because of the injury, the impulses that need to go to the brain, get lost in the injured area and never make the right connection and get sent where it needs to go in the brain. Thank you! 🙂

      • I get you, thank you for that.

        So when people deny the existence of “intelligent design” it’s like, yeah–all these intricacies/details could not have happened by chance. There is certainly a master-mind behind our human anatomy. Jehovah is His name!!

        Blessings to you and your wonderful husband Toni.

      • Amen, Amen & Amen!! 🙂

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