Posted by: Toni Sprandel | August 28, 2013

Who “Defined” You?

Who are you in God’s eyes?

A Needed Word

“Tami, take this notepad and write down every name you’ve ever been called,” my pastor’s wife said to me during one of our counseling sessions.

It took no time at all to scratch out a couple of columns of put-downs, foul names, critical labels. They were etched in my brain, and flowed readily through my arm, the pen in my hand, and onto the tablet. Some of them were so crude that I was loathe to put them to paper.

Ashamed, and sure I was about to be exposed for the “creep” I was, I handed the pad back.

She gave the list a cursory glance, then placed it back into my hands. Looking deeply into my eyes, she said, “Do you realize that this is who you really believe yourself to be? Is this what God says is true about you?”

I shrugged my shoulders. As far as I knew…

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