Posted by: Toni Sprandel | July 27, 2013

Freedom Resources

If you know anyone who has suffered abuse or emotional trauma, they need to read this blog. My very dear sister in the LORD has gone through some horrific experiences and yet she is living the victorious Christian life because Jesus has set her free. Feel free to reblog or pass along to anyone you know who could benefit from this blog. Love to you all!

Lessons by Heart

How did John know what was said between Jesus and the woman at the well?

He’d been sent into the village to get food for the Master. This means that John was nowhere near as the two of them talked – and yet he wrote an account of their meeting.

The information would have come from Jesus.

I’m betting that Jesus did not relate all of the details, but only what needed to be told for the purpose of including it in the Bible. What He disclosed about this woman was public knowledge.

As I consider this story in an actual setting, I’m thinking that there was plenty said between the two of them that went unreported. It took a while for the disciples to travel into town, buy a meal, and walk back to the well where they’d left their Leader. What’s written in John 4 could have been said…

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