Posted by: Toni Sprandel | July 8, 2013

Updating for 7-8-2013

Our daughter and son in law got here yesterday. Kelly helped us put the frig back in the kitchen. We reassembled the water line last night and woke up to a flooded basement, pealing paint on walls and water running down through the light switch in basement. I spent morning helping the guy with our kitchen tile, and soaking up the water on floor of basement. Larry is feeling better but still can not do much walking. Back pain is a little better. We see orthopedic surgeon on 18th and will see what she feels would be best. Thank you for your prayers.

When it rains it pours.  When Satan is unhappy that we are serving the LORD, he will do whatever he can to trip us up.  Satan, flee, you are not welcome here!  You can make my life as miserable as you would like, but I promise you, I will continue to praise the LORD!  For He alone is worth to be praised!

Thank you LORD Jesus for your presence and power in my life!  Praise the LORD!


  1. I’m so sorry for the challenges you’ve been facing, but I so appreciate your spirit and prayer. ((Hug))

  2. Jesus is smiling – He is well pleased with you. Way to stand firm!


    • At times like this, I pray He would just get on His cloud and get here! Is the trumpet sounding? Tell me yes!!!

      • Hmm. Today’s song seems to be especially for you!

        (Today works for me as well. ;))

  3. My prayers continue for you and Larry, thanks for you Godly spirit as you face these many difficulties. By the way, I absolutely agree with your desire for Christ to come back.. What a day… and a blessing… that will be!

    • It just can’t be soon enuf for me!

  4. I’ve missed you Toni! Figured something was up. Prayers for you. One suggestion…yes continue to praise the Lord and yes tell Satan to flee, but please don’t give him permission to “make your life as miserable as he would like.” Love you sister!

    • I miss having the time to read all of my dearest sisters and brothers blogs. I feel half empty. I am so grateful for all the loving support of our blog community of believers. Their love and prayers have sustained me over the past few weeks! Hopefully my life will settle down a little so that I can start to blog again. Thank you for thinking of me.

  5. What a light!! I am unsure why but even though I follow your blog…lately it isn’t coming to my email?? :-(. Oh well, I don’t mind going and looking for ya 🙂
    Surround-sound prayers to you dear Sis! Much love in Yeshua our Savior!!

    • I haven’t written for weeks. Crazy here, larry in hospital, tile installed on kitchen floor, our daugher & soninlaw in for a week and now bamboo flooring being installed in great room, will be so glad when it is all done & I can get back to writing!

  6. So true that when Satan is unhappy that we are serving the LORD, he will do whatever he can to trip us up… I have seen that Toni! I am SO sorry to hear things have been rough for you and the fam. I pray that God will restore unto you the JOY of your salvation, and restore in abundance all the enemy has stolen from you. so proud of your firm faith in the unshakeable God we serve!

    • Thank you so much. I must have really angered him. But as you say, he can not steal the joy of my salvation and I am safe and secure in the LORD
      s strong arms!

  7. Bless your heart. So sorry for all the troubles, T.

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