Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 26, 2013

The Foundation of our Faith – the Pauline Doctrine (Pt. 5)

This is such an outstanding post. Please take the few minutes it takes to read it.

Cross of Christ

This post is very long, but I encourage you to read it to the very end… I am sure it will prove helpful.

The Apostle Peter says about Paul that in his epistles Paul talked about the same things that he himself had written about but he concludes by saying that in Paul’s epistles there were some things hard to be understood…” (2 Peter 3:16). If Peter could say that, then I also can safely admit that there are many things that I don’t understand in Paul’s letters. What is clear from Apostle Paul’s letters, however, is that he desires for every believer to arrive at the place of full and perfect knowledge of the Risen Christ – in other words, what was accomplished at the Cross – and to walk in that power of resurrection, the power that raised Christ from the dead. That should be the desire…

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  1. Hello dear Sister Toni!
    I love the “dig” this person did…it shows a reach for understanding our Father, Yeshua…and His disciple Paul. I pray discernment as this post is full of “holes”…if you will. Not sure I’d “critique” it per say, not led to anyhow…but do ask Abba God to give you a discerning heart here Sister…
    Love how you encourage the Body…how much you love Yeshua…God be with you 🙂

    • Thank you Lisa. I truly appreciate your guidance and advice of using discernment. I understand your comment and will be careful. Love you dear sister!

      • Love you too, I know He’s got’chya :-), me too! I also know as I learn and how I grow is by “hitting” and “missing”, the obedience to Him to seek is the only accounting…our lack
        of “getting it all right” flows with the tide of His Blood…GLORY TO GOD!! oh how I praise Him for His faithful, patient, and loving ways!

        I pray you didn’t take it as a personal “hit” towards you or the fellow-sheep who wrote the blog…I WAS blessed by it…thank you 🙂
        Much love…Go with God…

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