Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 24, 2013

June – A month of my Favorite Quotes

#12 June 24, 2013: Urgently do we need a revival of personal godliness. Sanctified men are the salt of society…. ” – Charles H. Spurgeon

Charles Spurgeon lived well over a 100 years ago.  In fact, he died in 1892.  So when I read this quote, it really hit me.  As I read it I assumed it was someone writing it speaking of today’s culture.  What a shock to find out it was written way back then!  But the principle he was preaching about, personal godliness, is still as big an issue today as it was back then.  We haven’t moved forward too much.

The only way a revival of personal godliness will occur is when each of us, the true followers of Christ, make it a priority in our own life, to seek it.  Spurgeon goes on to say that the sanctified men are the salt of society, that is so true.  But it does not exempt us women, we too have a great responsibility for personal godliness.  Each and every true believer is “sanctified”, set apart for the work of the LORD.   How am I doing in the area of personal godliness?

Dear LORD, please speak to my heart and remind me as one of your children, of the importance of personal godliness in my life.  May I realize that I have been set apart and allow me to live as the salt of society. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.



  1. Amen! 🙂

  2. Can you imagineI, if Spurgeon saw the need for increased personal holiness in his day, what would he think of about today’s state of professing Chrisitianity?

    It is much like AW Pink who struggled to find a Godly church in his day, he claimed that liberalness had slipped into a majority of the churches of the Lord. Can you imagine what he would say today?

    I’ve said all this to simply state…. the Christianity of today is in a horrible mess. May God have mercy on us.

    Thanks for a much needed posting. Lord bless you.

  3. Thank you dear Brother Rob. This is an area of my life I have sought after for many years. It pains me to see just how liberal our churches have become. No one preaches on it and I see little evidence of it anywhere. We need to be more vocal on the importance of it for our walk with Christ to be what He wants us to be, more like Him.

  4. Personal godliness. May it be so in me. Thanks, Toni for the challenge and the truth of what you say to us who know Christ.

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