Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 22, 2013

June – A month of my Favorite Quotes

#11 June 22, 2013 “Are you ready to change your mind about what it means to be an authentic follower of Jesus…to repent of a life focused on your own agendas and start the wonderful adventure of life lived according to His intentions?”  Joseph Stowell, former president of Moody Bible Institute; “The trouble with Jesus”.

I love this question.  It goes to the heart of the matter, us versus God; my will versus His will.  To me, what he is saying, is that to be an authentic follower of Jesus, we must submit our wills to His grander design for our lives.

Dear Heavenly Father, Please forgive me for living a life focused on my own agenda.  Please LORD enable me to start a wonderful adventure of life being lived according to Your intentions.  In Jesus’ precious Name, Amen.


  1. I believe this question never goes away, each day we are asked this and most times it is a minute by minute question asked. Three times was asked one morning if he knew the Christ. Three times it has been recorded Peter was asked do you love me? How many times have I been asked, How many are the stars? Blessings, James

    • The words repent and authentic caught my eye the most. Am I really ready to repent about being selfish and am I just a follower in name only? Thanks for your reply!

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