Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 21, 2013

June – A month of my Favorite Quotes

#10 June 21, 2013 “Does anyone really think that America today is lacking preachers,  books, Bible translations, and neat doctrinal statements?  What we really lack is the passion to call upon the Lord until he opens the heavens and show himself powerful.”  Jim Cymbala, “Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire”.

I love this book.  This book is about the Brooklyn Tabernacle.  I believe we all have heard of/about the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

This book is written by the young pastor (Jim Cymbala) who took over this church with fewer than 20 people in the early 1970’s to over 6,000 in 1997 when this book was written.  He will tell you that the reason this church has grown like this, is the fervent, effective, constant prayers of the righteous believers who attend there.  When this book was written in 1997, they had a prayer room upstairs that was manned 24 hours a day.  People came in and others left, but the room was never empty.

I believe he makes a really good point; we don’t lack pastors, or books, we don’t lack Bible translations or doctrinal statements.  We do lack the passion, that desire from within, to call upon the LORD.  The passion that he speaks of is the kind that is deep, heartwrenching, all consuming desire to see and hear the LORD God Almighty do a mighty work, for His glory.  This passion is prayer.  Do I lack the passion to call upon the LORD until he opens the heavens and shows himself  powerful?

Dear LORD, I pray that you would put the passion to call upon You, in my heart and the hearts of all believers today.  We don’t need more of these other things, we just need more of You.  Love you LORD, Amen.


  1. I have to tell you, I loved this book when I read it. I also had the pleasure of working through the small group study materials on prayer. It was amazing to listen to the recorded teaching, discuss, etc. I came away with a phenomenal, new perspective on prayer! And we desperately need that in the Church today! This country, this world, is waiting for the Lord to reveal himself, and I think he’s waiting to be asked sometimes. (Don’t quote me on that, in case I grow to a more mature perspective at some time in the future.) 🙂

    Have you seen the video that’s on YouTube of the teaching he discusses (I think?) in the book…the one he labored over all night long? It’s pretty incredible.

  2. There is no doubt this nation has been, and continues to be blessed with the truths of God. But also, there is no doubt that, as a nation, we are turning from these truths and rejecting the Lord who has given them to us. That is why we see a gradual taking away of the truth and an entrance of false teaching that will eventually lead to the ruin of our nation. Lord bless.

  3. This is a great book. I haven’t read it in years. After reading your post I think it’s time to read it again. As I recall, it was a quick read. Thanks for the reminder.

    • It truly makes me want to shout to the heavens, what are we trying to do, doing it all in our own strength! We need to humble ourselves and pray! Oh to have a prayer room with people praying 24/7! This is my heart’s desire!!

  4. Jim Cymbala’s books are fantastic. I want some of his passion and energy to reach out to the broken!


    • AMEN! After reading the book I just wanted to start a prayer group just like their’s. It just seems no one wants to spend the time seeking the LORD.

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