Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 10, 2013

June – A month of my Favorite Quotes

#2 June 10, 2013: “This is My beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased.”  LORD God Almighty, Matthew 3:17

When I read this verse, I see the love the Father has for His Son.  Look at the word beloved.  I can’t tell you what it truly means in Greek or Hebrew, but when I read that it speaks to my heart.  First it has the word love in it.  Our heavenly Father is describing His relationship with Jesus.  To me, it says that Jesus is dearly, wholly, completely, and wonderfully loved by His Heavenly Father.  Wow!

Then the LORD God goes on to tell us that He is well-pleased with Him.  Not just pleased, but He adds some extra emphasis there too, WELL pleased.  I think of the joy of a new father, looking at his own son for the very time and being extremely happy.  The pride and joy that overflows from his heart is evident to all.  This is what I feel when I look at that verse.

But the neatest thing about it is, our Abba Father, loves each and every one of His children, just as much as Jesus.  He lavishes His love upon us.  I am so grateful He gave us the example of love towards His Son and I know that when I finish this race, I will be welcomed into my Heavenly Home with the words, This is my beloved daughter.


  1. The only comment I can think to add to this beautiful post is, AMEN & AMEN!!!!

  2. I second the Brothers comment!! Amen and amen!

  3. Ah, I hadn’t thought about it that way before, but I will be called “beloved daughter.” Thank you for this post! I needed to hear that.

  4. If we abide in the Vine, we draw His very life and essence. The Father looks upon us, as well pleased AS He is with JESUS. To the same extent – because Jesus purchased that favor for us with His blood, and His righteousness becomes ours.

    Toni, this sounds quite funny but I happened to notice my blog/gravatar does not show up under the list of blogs you follow, when in fact you are subscribed. I imagine the list is not complete, but I just wanted to make sure you’re getting my posts in your inbox (which sure seems the case, with all the amazing, faithful support of yours). I bring it up not bc I want to be visible on your list (please leave it as is, if everything is ok technically!) but because I’ve been having a number of technical issues and even my husband was unsubscribed recently without either of our knowledge. Thanks for your time, and I hope my LIKE came through on this post of yours. Xoxoxo, Diana

    • I too am having issues. The gravatars are coming out in a single line and so big, I would like them to be in colums but it is not working. I will continue to try to resolve the issue. Thank you so much for your love and support. And your comments are spot on! Thank you! Love you dear sister!!

      • Do you see you are still following me? You received the Yeats poem? Just making triple sure even though you liked it for all the trouble I’ve been having. That widget list of blogs you follow is incomplete? I so appreciate your gracious support. Diana

  5. “Abba Father loves [us] as much as He loves Jesus.” Now, if that doesn’t leave a person amazed, nothing will!


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