Posted by: Toni Sprandel | June 4, 2013

June 4

This blog is from a dear friend of mine. Please check out her blog, it is wonderful and worth following if you are seeking a deeper, closer walk with the LORD. Have a great day!


Proverbs 24:23-27:27

Some of the proverbs make me laugh outloud. Especially the ones about the quarrelsome wife. I’m sure old Solomon had his share of quarrelsome wives.

Some of the proverbs are puzzles to me. I find myself reading and re-reading those and even then I’m not sure what they mean.

Others grab me by the throat. They convict me and drive me to my knees.

And sometimes a proverb will stop me in my tracks. It’s like I’ve never seen it before or thought about God’s truth in that light. Like today.

I know we are tested every day. Things happen and our reaction to those things measure our faith in the Lord. They measure our commitment, our belief. But I guess I pictured those tests as the bad things that happen. The big things like illness, loss of job, infidelity, death. Or smaller things like gossip, my reaction…

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