Posted by: Toni Sprandel | May 29, 2013

May 29


Proverbs 8-10

Wisdom is speaking. And in 8:22-36 who do you see described there? Isn’t it Jesus? 

‘Before the oceans or mountains I was given birth. I was there when the heavens were created. I was the craftsman at his side. Whoever finds me finds life.’

Those are things we know about Jesus, aren’t they? So I re-read these chapters and substituted the word “wisdom” with the name of Jesus. It’s Jesus who bids me come to him. It’s Jesus who sets a table and invites me to sit and eat. It’s Jesus who promises to be found when I look for him. It’s Jesus who delights in mankind.

Once again I am reminded that it’s all about Jesus. We were created by and for him. And in the end, nothing else will matter. I can accept him and be blessed or reject him and be rejected by him. That’s…

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