Posted by: Toni Sprandel | May 28, 2013

May – A Month of Introspection

Well, my month of “20 Questions” is ending today.  Today is the last question and it has been something I’ve thought a lot about.  Yesterday was Memorial Day and it brought out the patriotism in all of us.  It does that because we are citizens of this great nation and we want to show our respect and support for her.   Our citizenship here in America is something we can be so proud of.  We are truly a blessed nation; we are the wealthiest nation in the world.  If we don’t have what we want, we go get it.

The Bible talks a lot about our residence in Heaven.  It says that we have a citizenship in Heaven.  Sadly, many of us, fix our eyes and minds on what we have here, forgetting that as a true believer on the LORD Jesus Christ, our citizenship is really in Heaven.  Here on this earth, we are aliens & strangers, sojourners.  We get so caught up in the “here & now” that we forget what lies ahead is immeasurably, incomparably, incomprehensibly better than anything we could have here.  As a believer we are brothers and sisters of the Heavenly Father, and that is where our true home and citizenship is.

May 28th, Question #20: Is my citizenship here on earth more important to me than my Heavenly citizenship?  If so, LORD would you help me to fix my eyes, mind and heart on you and my true Home in Heaven with You?


  1. Hi Toni,

    Wow, that is one of the biggest questions!

    When you look at all of us believers, it seems that a lot of us don’t get that. – at least not to the extent that we live it out.

    What do you think?

  2. I agree, we don’t live it out. How we can change it, is a totally different question. It may be easier if we could keep our focus on Christ, but people seem to be drifting from Him also. No easy answers. Pray, Pray, pray. Thank you for your great question.

  3. Yes it is a big Question, this is a question that never goes away this side of the cross. Paul spoke of this in Romans 7, Jesus said take up your cross, as a daily act. Yet in an old Hymn we find these words: “All to Jesus I freely give.” So we give freely all to Jesus and Jesus freely gives Grace we find in Romans 8.
    Yes this question is always before us; Citizenship in Heaven is just the reward of Grace. Hope I didn’t make to big a mess with these words!
    Great Question! God Bless, James

    • No, you didn’t make too big a mess! You clarified my question perfectly! Sometimes I just have the time to add the scriptures I would like to, I am just so happy I am able to get the blog written in the few moments I have. I truly appreciate your adding the scriptures! Thank you James for your wonderful support of me and this blog!!

  4. Life here is adequate, but I’ve been decorating my home in heaven for almost a decade now. Moss instead of carpet, vines instead of plasterboard walls…covered with fragrant flowers. An orchestra of trees, bushes, flowers and rocks in the yard so they can accompany me whenever I want to sing a new song to the Lord.

    Nope, I don’t think I’m terribly attached to earth!

    Have a wonder-filled day tomorrow 😉


    • You definitely are not! Kudos to you! Me, my battle cry is “Come LORD Jesus COME” “I mean NOW! not later, NOW!!” For some reason, I am still here!! LOL! You also have a great day!

      • Some days I hop up and down with my “hitchhiker” thumb stuck out, calling, “Beam me up, wouldya?”

        I’m so glad the Lord asks us to be like little children. It gives license to do all sorts of silly stuff – just between Him and me.

        Hugs to you, my dear sister!

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