Posted by: Toni Sprandel | May 5, 2013

May – A Month of Introspection

For some reason , my mind is always going.  And I keep having these questions go through my mind.  They are challenging me in my thoughts and relationship with the LORD.  So I have decided to make this month my 20 questions month.  These qustions are meant to challenge me and you in our Christian walk.  My desire is that each day we look at our lives and evaluate where we are in our relationship with Christ.  Please take a few minutes each day and reflect on the question.  I welcome questions (don’t always have the answer, but I do know where to find it!).  I would love to hear from some of you if you feel led to share.  Thank you in advance!

May 5th, Question #3:  Is my knowledge of Jesus head (intellectual) or heart (experiencial) knowledge, and has it had an effect on my life (speech, behavior, attitude, desires)?

May your heart be blessed today.



  1. Hi Toni,

    Hope you are good.

    My old Pastor used to say it is like sugar. There is head knowledge – i.e. you can learn all about sugar; how and where to grow it, how to process it, chemical constituents, what it looks like etc…….. But none of that will help you to understand the taste; that’s the experiential knowledge – which is so important.

    That has been my experience of Jesus. I knew a lot about Him from my upbringing but until I really gave Him my life, I had no idea of how amazing – and totally real He is. That blew me away and I have been getting experiential knowledge since then – combined with head knowledge through reading and talking to people.

    I am sure that both are key because without the knowledge and guidelines in the Bible we could be at the mercy of the knowledge of any experience we or anyone else may have had. With so many fake or made-up experiences out there that would never work. Also without the experiential knowledge the head knowledge never comes to life – we must be born again and then transformed and that transformation is an incredible experience.

    So, I think I need the head knowledge to help me see whether I actually know Jesus (and not someone else masquerading as an angel of light) and to help me get to know Him all the way through my experience. And the experience is what it’s all about.

    In my life it has changed me completely although I continue to mess up all the time and still fight with various part of myself that I am praying God will help me deal with.

    Thanks for the question – I enjoyed thinking about that. What’s your point of view?

    • I agree with you. You need both, but in our secularized world, it appears that the only knowledge that people are getting, is head knowledge. We are instructed we need to get saved, acknowledge that Jesus died for us and saved us from our sins. Pray the prayer and you have your ticket to heaven. I see all of that as head knowledge. But somewhere, the part that is was a “personal” experience (heart knowledge) seems to have been lost. It has to go farther than the top of our heads. It HAS to touch our hearts. If it doesn’t touch the heart, where we know for certain, He did this for ME, it doesn’t become personal. To me, when it becomes personal, it is then experiential and it automatically changes our behavior by the presence of the Holy Spirit moving in to make the changes in our lives that need to be made. HOpe this made sense! Thank you soo much for sharing! I really appreciate it!

      • Pleasure – I sometimes write really long comments but I find it hard not!!

        God bless you.

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