Posted by: Toni Sprandel | May 4, 2013

May – A Month of Introspection

For some reason , my mind is always going. And I keep having these questions go through my mind. They are challenging me in my thoughts and relationship with the LORD. So I have decided to make this month my 20 questions month. These qustions are meant to challenge you and me in our Christian walk. My desire is that each day we look at our lives and evaluate where we are in our relationship with Christ. Please take a few minutes each day and reflect on the question. I welcome questions (don’t always have the answer, but I do know where to find it!). I would love to hear from some of you if you feel led to share. Thank you in advance!

May 4th, Question #2: Is my Christian faith an integral part of who I am as a person, or is it just something I do on Sunday mornings?

May your heart be blessed today.



  1. Hi Toni! My faith is all of who i am, I’m having a real conviction at the moment about people who go to a building once a week for a spiritual snack that won’t even last the day never mind for the rest of the week. Following Jesus is 24/7 and we are the church, so wherever our feet go the church goes.
    Just in case this came out wrong, worship with the brothers and sisters in Christ is fantastic and its great when lots of members of the body come together in praise! πŸ˜€

    • Your comment came across just right! That was the reason for the question. For people to see that church is more about who we are, and not where we go 1 hour per week.
      Thank you for your comments and fellowship. I was so lonely for christian fellowship and the blog has really opened doors for that. Have a wonderful day in the LORD!

      • Thats exactly how i am feeling now as i am showered with love, friendship and fellowship on here. amazing! πŸ˜€

      • Toni, I pondered that question and what popped in my head was about a time years ago, whereby almost everything I said had something to do with the Lord, to the point that I was asked a question,’ can’t you ever have a normal conversation without God being in it….I thought a second and replied, “no, I can not”. So I am blessed to say that He is a very integral part of my life.

    • Steve, thanks for speaking the truth…and at this time and season WE, the church, need more than ever to stop PLAYING CHURCH and BE THE CHURCH…and I am blessed to see a young man like you being bold for Christ.

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