Posted by: Toni Sprandel | May 1, 2013

A Psalm from the Heart

I want to Praise You, O LORD.

To you, and you alone, all praise must go.

Creator of the heavens,

Creator of the earth,

Creator of all living things,

You alone are worthy;

Of all our praise.

The people say things are bad, they cry and wail

They listen to news and they cry and wail,

The people watch the Dow Jones and they cry and wail,

They read the paper and they cry and wail.

“Return to me” cries the LORD God of Hosts.

“Come to me” cries the Loving LORD God Almighty.

Sadly, the people trust in this world and all its offerings.

Disappointment, doubt and dread fill their longing souls.

Where can we go, what can we do, and to whom do we turn?

The LORD strong and mighty stands with His arms open wide.

There in His arms,

The sad will find comfort for their souls,

The distraught will find peace for their minds

And the lonely will find a love that is everlasting.

Praise the LORD O my soul,

Praise the LORD.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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