Posted by: Toni Sprandel | April 30, 2013

The LORDship of Christ

Where do I begin with this?  I know where I want to end, but sometimes the beginning is so hard.  I will do my best to share my heart and thoughts on this.  I am not learned on the subject except for what the LORD has imparted to me.

The definition for LORD that is in the back of my Bible says this: One who has due power, ownership, control or authority over others.  So how does this definition apply to Jesus?  Jesus is in heaven, so how can He be my LORD?  How does this all work?

Let’s start at the beginning.   At the point in our lives when we finally get to the end of ourselves, we realize we need help.  We then accept Jesus’ invitation to come.  Once we have done this, Jesus becomes our Saviour, He saves us from ourselves.  Jesus, accepting this role, is eager to show Himself fully to us.

Many churches today are so eager to witness to the lost and secure their salvation, that they are amiss to the “rest of the story” as Paul Harvey used to say.  Not only is Jesus now our Saviour, but He also becomes our LORD.  The two are intertwined.  I believe it is easier to accept our free gift of eternal life, because we have history to show us that Jesus died a physical death, and He told us that He did it for us.  It was a tangible act that we can see and accept.

So how does He become our LORD?  When we accept Christ Jesus into our life, we are surrendering ourselves to Him.  If we willfully surrender to Him, we are allowing Him to lead our lives the way He wants us to go.  Why do I want Him to be my LORD?  The best reason I can give for this question, is because for the part of my life before I accepted Christ, I wasn’t doing what the LORD wanted me to do.  He created me to do good works on His behalf, but all I could do was sin.   Now that I have accepted Him, He sent the Holy Spirit to live within me and lead me on the path that He would have me to go.

But, the Holy Spirit is Spirit.  We can’t see Him, we can’t touch Him, we can’t talk to Him face to face.  So what do we do?  I read the Word of God.  His Word is Him.  It is Him talking to me.  When I share with Him that I am failing, and not able to do what He wants me to do, He reassures me that He is with me and will help me.  I just have to desire to follow Him and allow Him to do His work in my life.  He is in charge of determining which path I will take.  I willingly give up control of my life.  And this is when He becomes my LORD.

The LORDship of Christ in our lives is the best thing that could ever happen.  We no longer have to worry about whether or not we are good enough.  Our destiny is sealed in Heaven with Christ and He only wants the best for us.  Thank you LORD Jesus for your work in my life.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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