Posted by: Toni Sprandel | April 20, 2013

From trash to treasure

This is the headline I just saw in the paper.  “From trash to treasure”.  The story starts out saying: “you can get creative with upcycling.”  Is that what the LORD does with us?  Take us from trash to treasure?  Are we “upcycled”?

Staring at that headline, I instantly thought about what the LORD does when He pulls us out of our fallen circumstances and restores us unto Himself.  He does take us from the trash heap to treasured status.  He stands at the door knocking, just waiting for us to invite Him in.  And when our eyes are opened to who we truly are, sinners in need of a Saviour, we open that door and invite Him in, we are transformed.  Our confession to Him that we indeed are sinners, acknowledges that we are like the trash.  We are dirty, stained and unusable for Him.    But once we have confessed our sins, asked for forgiveness of them, He takes our lives, washes them in the blood of the Lamb and we become white as snow, and we are as Christ, found in His Righteousness.  We are then His “upcycled” treasure.  We become one of His own.  We have the newness of life found in Christ Jesus and we are assured of our eternal home in Heaven.

I’d say that is a pretty fantastic job of upcycling, taking me from the grips of hell to the pleasures of Heaven!  From trash to treasure.  Thank you Jesus!  Praise the LORD!



  1. Excellent!! Gods in the garbage! How little we look for Him there! Feed His sheep dear Sister in Yeshua (Jesus)!! I am fed, and thank you for loving Him! Blessings…

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