Posted by: Toni Sprandel | April 1, 2013

So now what??

As I got up this morning, I had this nagging thought.  Ok, yesterday was Easter Sunday and it was awesome.  Our granddaughter Baylie, who just turned 6, accepted Jesus into her heart!  Talk about the best gift ever!  What a huge blessing.  But Easter Sunday is over, now what?

Where do we go from here?  Easter was just the beginning.  If you or someone you know accepted Christ, their new life in Jesus has just begun.  If you already have an established relationship with Christ, yesterday was a day of revival.   So where do we go from here?

For me, the new believer needs attention.  The new believer’s salvation decision was not, a sign me up and I am done, kind of thing.   It is a new beginning, a new chapter in their life.  Be sure to send text/call/email or stop by and visit, to give encouraging words as often as you can.  Congratulate them on this new decision and it’s life changing effects.  Let them know you are there for them.  Offer different scriptures and things that have helped you grow in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The book of John is a great place to start and the book of Psalms is another great book to encourage them to read.  Encourage the new believer to read the Word and have them write down their questions.  If possible, spend time with them, that will mean a lot to them.  Stay close to them and be ready to answer questions.

For those who have not made a decision to follow Christ yet, think on what the significance of Easter Sunday was.  And the significance is that Jesus, (God in the flesh) came to earth and then died in our place so we could live eternally with Him.  If you didn’t get to church, it’s ok.  Jesus is more interested in your heart.  He loves you and died to show you the depth and breadth of His love.  It only takes your acknowledgement to Him that you know you are a sinner, but truly desire Him to forgive your sins and accept you as you are.  The greatest thing is, He knows we are sinners, all of us; every single person on this earth is a sinner.  He just desires us to come to Him.  He will show you what He wants you to do and how to live.  He just wants us to come to Him.

For those of us who are already walking the Jesus road, rejoice in what has been done for us and allow the light of Christ to shine through us.  Walk forward in the knowledge of what has been done for us and share that with those who don’t.  So now what?  Move forward rejoicing in every new day, knowing that He is Risen and will return!


Any thoughts? Questions?

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