Posted by: Toni Sprandel | March 25, 2013

Am I living a life of empty, dead religion or fruit bearing religion?

This morning as I was sitting here reading my Bible,  I wondered what Jesus was doing on this Monday morning a couple of thousand years ago.  Matthew 21:18-22 shares that Jesus was with His disciples and they were returning to Jerusalem after spending the night in a neighboring town called Bethany.  During the walk into town, they passed by a fig tree.  Because they were hungry, they walked up to it and found no fruit on this fig tree.  Jesus cursed the tree and it withered up and died.  For Jesus, this was an excellent teaching moment.  He used the fig tree as a figurative example of a person’s life of religion without substance.

The NASB Life Application Study Bible explains it this way: “If you only appear to have faith without putting it to work in your life, you are like the fig tree that withered and died because it bore no fruit.  Genuine faith means bearing fruit for God’s kingdom.”

Dear friends of ours have stepped out in faith to follow where the LORD would lead them.  The LORD led them to the Colca Canyon in Peru.   They are living a life of substance.  They don’t “just appear” to have faith, they are living out their faith.  For a young family with 2 small children, to give up all the conveniences we have here in America, to go where there is very little, and to go share the good news of Jesus’ love, its unbelieveable.  And I just love them for this!

A few weeks ago, I received a prayer letter from them.  One of their prayer requests was for their transportation needs.  They are staying in a town a couple of hours away from the Colca Canyon while they continue in their language studies.  To get out to those who need to hear about the love of Jesus, they need transportation.  The bus fare is expensive, and once they get there, there is no way to get around.  Purchasing a vehicle is an option that would help but they are very expensive.  To put substance to my religion, I am praying and asking in prayer that the LORD would open doors for me and any of you that would like to donate, to do so.  I have an address in which we can send the money.  If anyone would be interested, I will gladly furnish the information to you.

Even though I may not be out there on that mission field, I am helping to bear fruit by supporting them.  Whether I support them in prayer or financially, I am helping to bear fruit for the kingdom, through faith in what the LORD can do with our gifts.  I don’t want to live a life of empty, dead religion. I want to live a life of substance, one in which my faith can bear fruit that will bring glory, honor and praise to the LORD.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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