Posted by: Toni Sprandel | March 21, 2013

Trust in the LORD….

Proverbs 3:5,6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

My husband Larry is a quadriplegic.  He uses a walker around the house but for any kind of distance, he uses his power wheelchair.  In order for us to be mobile and active, we use a handicapped ramp van to get him easily in and out of the van.  Three years ago, we found what we thought was “the van”.  This was going to be the one that lasted us forever, or until we didn’t need it anymore.  It was such a beautiful shade of pale blue, and the pictures!  The ad told us that the pictures spoke a thousand words.  And it was gorgeous.  We were so excited!  We bought the van and when it was unloaded from the car hauler we couldn’t wait to get into it and drive it!  Imagine our dismay when the first words out of the driver’s mouth were, I wouldn’t drive it until you put new tires on it, the ones on it are dry rotted.  Our hearts sunk.  From that point until today, it has been all downhill.

Suffice it to say, our “dream” van was actually a nightmare.  What we soon found out was that our van had been grossly misrepresented to us.  I sent the seller a very nice email explaining how much we loved the van but there were some discrepancies in what had been advertised and what we received.  Because the cruise control didn’t work and we had to get 4 new tires for it, I asked him if he would give us $1000 restitution and we would be very happy.  Evidently he didn’t like my email and he responded very negatively to it, threatening to sue us for fraud.  Long story shortened, we sought legal action ourselves for the misrepresentation.  After 3 long years and a lot of money spent on repairs to the van and lawyer fees, we just found out that there will be a hearing today @2pm to determine if 3 of the most serious charges could be dropped.  His lawyer is saying that his client did not sell us the vehicle and wants the case basically dismissed.

At this point in the whole situation, it would be so easy to get mad, scream, cry and literally throw our hands up in the air.  But I as I meditated on this latest news, the LORD gave me the above verse to ponder.  If I keep telling everyone else how to live their Christian life, I needed to also walk the talk.  As I sat there thinking of all the what ifs, the LORD gave me peace, His peace that passes all understanding.  And I am claiming right now that I WILL trust in the LORD with all my heart.  I will not lean on my own understanding.  I will acknowledge Him as the Sovereign and Holy LORD God Almighty.  And I trust Him to make my paths straight.  Worrying will not help me, nor will it change the outcome.  I will place my faith and trust in WHO THE LORD IS!

Our heart’s desire is to have this be done in a fair and right way.  But as Jesus prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane, “Not my will Father, but thy will be done.”


  1. Well said. What ever happens God is in Control and someday this guy will get his.

    • Thank you Emery. The LORD says, vengenance is mine, I will repay. So he may win this battle, but the LORD is the ultimate victor and my faith is in Him.

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