Posted by: Toni Sprandel | March 10, 2013

Keep the fire burning

A few years ago, we took the youth group kids on a retreat.  It was winter and snowing, but when you live in NE Ohio, what’s a little snow between friends?  The snow was falling and it turned into a blizzard.  But us never say die adults (acting more like the teenagers) decided we could make it.  We made the almost 2 hour drive and arrived at our destination all safe and sound.  But it was cold.  The temperatures hovered near zero and the wind chill was well into the minuses.  As soon as we got into the A-frame cabin, we quickly got started on building the fire in the huge stone fireplace.

We placed a lot of huge logs in there and in just a little while, we had a huge roaring fire.  Boy did that feel good!  As we got everything put away and the students got settled by the fire, we took a few minutes to have a small devotion.  Listening to the devotion and looking at the fire, I watched it slowly die down.  It made me think about our relationship with the LORD.  When we first come to know Christ, we are so excited and so “on fire” for the LORD.  But what I see happen is, those who don’t get “plugged in” are the like the fire that dies out.

With a fire, we need to keep putting logs on it to keep it burning.  In our Christian lives, we need to “feed the fire” also.   We can do that by getting involved in a Bible preaching church.  The more we choose to involve ourselves, the better we can keep the fire burning.  Other opportunities to get involved with are; joining a small group/youth group, attending Sunday School, starting/attending a Bible study, attend a Christian concert ( I loved doing this; Petra, DC Talk, Carmen & Newsboys were awesome).  Changing your radio station to one of the Christian ones such as KLove help encourage us.  Attending a special event such as the retreat we had for the youth group is also a great way to get ignited.  Staying connected to those who can help us learn more about Jesus and grow in our personal relationship with Him, is really important.

Eventually our big, huge fire in that fireplace burned out, we quit putting logs on it.  When that happened, the room got cold, it got dark and the sparkle of the flames was gone.  The same thing happens with our Christian lives when we no longer put anything in.  When we don’t “feed the fire”, it goes out.  We grow cold, and our sparkle is gone.

Don’t let your fire go out, get plugged in/stay plugged in and enjoy all the benefits that being a member of the family of the King entitles us.  Keep the fire burning!


  1. Thats the great thing about CHC and Pastor Harney i feel like he always put a fire there for me.

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