Posted by: Toni Sprandel | February 20, 2013


Have you ever asked that question?  I know I have and I know many others who have.  Why LORD?  That is a really great question, but I don’t have an answer.

How can it be that 2 young families, each expecting a new addition to their family, experience 2 totally different emotions?  One family is experiencing the highest of highs, and the other young family, is experiencing grief and sorrow.  Why LORD?  The one family is celebrating life, new life with their new son.  The other family is grieving over the loss of their newborn daughter.  All I can say is why LORD?

I have learned over the years of following Christ that sometimes things happen that don’t make sense to me.  Questions like how can this be, or why, overtake my brain.  It is so hard to comprehend.  Five days before the due date of their new little bundle of joy, they find out there is no heartbeat…. how could this happen?  This news is devastating.  The room is ready, the bed is ready, all the clothes, diapers and wipes are ready.  The only thing missing is the little one.  Why LORD?

I have no answers.  I can only rely on what I know of the LORD and His character.  His Word tells me He is Love.  It also tells me He is gracious, compassionate, merciful and kind.  He is demonstrating these characteristics to her, for reasons unknown to us.

Children are a gift from the LORD to us.  We are entrusted with their care for as long as we have them.  And maybe that is only for 9 months while their body grows from conception to birth. Sometimes we keep them until they grow old and gray. Why are some of us taken too soon, and some of us are allowed to see old age? Again, I have no answers, only questions, why LORD?

But the LORD God Almighty is Sovereign over all things. His Will for each of our lives is different. So for now I will accept the Will of the LORD for this little girl who will be greatly missed by all of us, her family and friends. I don’t know why she is gone too soon, but I do know that the One who created her, will lovingly care for her until she is at last reunited with her loved ones. And I don’t know of anyone else who could care for her better than her mommy and daddy, only her Heavenly Father. Thank you LORD.


Any thoughts? Questions?

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