Posted by: Toni Sprandel | January 8, 2013

Discipleship – Let’s go!

The Christian life resembles our physical life, we have birth, infancy, growth and maturity. Our salvation, the decision to follow Christ, isn’t a one time act and it’s done. Our salvation experience is the starting point of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  It is the beginning (birth) of a process called discipleship. Our relationship with Jesus is a journey, and it begins with our accepting Jesus Christ as our LORD & Saviour, and then being taught, discipled.  Once we have been discipled, we then in turn, are to disciple others.

When we are with a person when they make a decision to follow Christ, we have a responsibility to help the new believer, to disciple them.  Once a person has made the decision, discipleship should begin immediately.

This new believer is a baby (infant). For the first six months or so, there should be a lot of “holding”, just like infants. Things we can do are calling them every few days, offer scripture tracks, offer praise/worship music CD, or send notes of encouragement. Other ideas include taking the new believer to concert or special presentation.   Evangelism Explosion recommends having the new believer start reading the Bible, the book of John. If that new believer does not have a Bible, get them one. This will help them grow in their newfound relationship with Christ.  After reading the Book of John, I recommend the Book of Psalms.  The Life Application study Bible says this: “The Psalms are a great collection of songs and prayers that express the heart and soul of humanity.  The psalmists confess their sins, express their doubts and fears, ask God for help in times of trouble, and praise and worship him.”  If the new believer wants to know what the LORD is like, encourage them to read the Psalms.  Also important is encouraging them to tell at least one family member of their decision to follow Christ. Follow up with them to get the feedback from their experience with their family member.

Other ways of helping the person is by just spending time with them, one on one.  During this time we can read the Word together, pray together, discuss questions/issues they have (growth) regarding what they have been reading in the Word.  Another thing we can do for them is to encourage and support them on this new life they now have by inviting them to attend church with us.  Being there, at their side, always available, is the most important thing we can do for them.

The process starts with us being discipled and continues with us discipling others.  We are maturing when our lives are passionate about following Jesus and His commands; and discipling others, no matter what the cost.  Jesus commanded us to go and make disciples.  Let’s go!

Any thoughts? Questions?

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