Posted by: Toni Sprandel | January 5, 2013

Hello LORD, it’s me again….

Have you ever felt like you are wearing out the “phone” line calling for help from the LORD? Some days life is so overwhelming and we feel so weighed down with the burdens we carry. A lot of the times, most of the stress, I bring it on myself. Sometimes I make poor decisions, uneducated decisions, and thoughtless ones. Other times, I make what I believe are good decisions, only to find out, well….. maybe not.
It’s at these times that I am on the line, crying out to the LORD. Today was one of those days. You see, I am part of the Oreo generation.

The cream in the middle of the oreo is my generation. We have our aging parents on one side, our children on the other. Most of us try very hard to help both our kids and our parents. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. Today I was successful with half the oreo. Larry & I were able to go to a basketball game for our 3rd grader and a soccer game for our kindergartner. We had a wonderful time. But, not so successful on the parent side of things.

You see my parents are in their 80’s, have been in relatively great health until a few months ago when my dad needed some surgery. For a man that never saw the inside of hospital except for a few days, he has now been in one plus rehab for the past 8 months. Mom is in excellent health and they continue to live alone in their home of 50 years. The problems are that with health issues sapping some of my dad’s strength, being home requires a little more effort. Safety is a concern for them. But their independence is threatened when we try to help keep them safe in that environment.

I am constantly praying for wisdom, guidance, leading and directing of what to do and how to say things correctly.  My struggle is trying to make sure I can make everyone happy and watching out and caring for their needs. And trying to do this, without being overbearing.  So most days, I feel like I am walking a tightrope.  There is truly a very fine line between helping and interfering. I feel as though I am fairly successful with my kids, but not so much with my parents.

And it is at those times all I can do is call out, Hello LORD, it’s me again……

Any thoughts? Questions?

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