Posted by: Toni Sprandel | December 29, 2012

Please forgive me….

Living this Christian life is not always easy.  Sometimes we believers do dumb things.  Really dumb things.  We have the Spirit of Christ living in us but we don’t always do what’s right.  Count me in as the worst of these.  As the Apostle Paul wrote, “of sinners, I am the worst”.  The Apostle Paul never met me.

Friends invited us over and I commited that we would try to go.  But as happens at the holidays, things happen.  That’s when it is dangerous for me.  I struggle to accomplish one thing before my ADD kicks in.  I am constantly in multitasking mode.  Sometimes, that isn’t a good thing.  I say/do things, then I forget.  It isn’t that I mean to forget, I just do.  Anyway, I totally forgot our commitment, was busy doing other things and it wasn’t until the next day that I remembered.  Shock & horror flooded my soul.  Guilt over what I had done.  But at this point, the damage has been done.  I hurriedly sent a text to apologize.  But I had done the one thing I have never meant to do, I deeply hurt the feelings of friends that I love.  I have let them down.  And for this I am truly sorry.

My only course of action at this point is to confess my sin to them and ask them to forgive me.  That is the awesome fact of being a Child of the King.  I can come to Him, pour out my heart, confess my screwups and ask for Him to forgive me.  And I know He will.  The Bible tells me that.  But the fact remains, I have hurt my friends feelings and the consequence of my sin is that I must live with what I have done forever.

Vickie & Emery, please forgive me.

Any thoughts? Questions?

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