Posted by: Toni Sprandel | December 18, 2012

It’s NOT about me…

I’ve been thinking and thinking.  I’ve been listening and reading.  I’ve been watching.  Somehow, some way, we have gotten things all turned around.  With the sad events of this past Friday, I am stunned.  Where did we go wrong, as a society?  What happened to us?  We were a nation created because of a desire to worship the LORD.  And look at us now.

We became prosperous, and it became all about “me”. Selfish, self seeking desires, the desire for more, for power, for prestige, and look where we are now.  I’m not thinking that having things is bad, excess and the wrong priorities, might be what is tripping us up.

I think that maybe we should go back to the beginning, when Christ came to earth.  Our Heavenly Father sent us His Son, as a gift.  He entered the world in a very humble way.  He lived his life quietly, humbly and obediently.  He came to serve, not be served.  We call ourselves Christians and say we follow Him.  But, do we really look anything like Him?

If we really are Christians, then we are supposed to be fully devoted followers of Christ.  With the LORD, it can not be a halfhearted commitment.  We must submit and commit fully to Him.  Submitting allows us to lay our lives down and allowing the Holy Spirit complete control of our lives.  Committing to Him tells Him that we are His no matter what His Will for our lives is.  When we reach this point in our Christian lives, we can then begin to look like Jesus.

When we look like Jesus, the Holy Spirit is leading, guiding and directing our lives, and it is no longer about me, it is about Jesus, and what He can do for others, through me.

If more of us Christians could quit playing Christianity and start becoming fully devoted followers of Christ, we could help take the focus off of “me” and put it where it belongs, on Jesus.


  1. You hit that right on the head!! Amen and love you!

    • Thank you Jamie for your support and love!

  2. I love it. I love you.

    • Thanks Holly, I love you too!

  3. from the beginning of your word has been hit my heart and mind so deeply, grandma. this is clearly about ourselves. many times we always thinking about ourselves and becomes a selfish person and halfhearted to commit to God. What a great writing and thought, grandma. I am so blessed.

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